Provita / Xaffron


 Provita Xaffron

Is a unique natural anew generation extract obtained from Saffron stigmas (Crocus sativus L) standardized to lepticrosalides. Lepticrosalides are the main bioactive components related to the prevention of depression disorders, and also responsible for the organoleptic properties of Saffron.


 Why  Provita Xaffron ?

  •  Natural, safe and no side effects have been reported .
  • Highest content of active components analyzed by HPLC .
  • More effective, with lower daily intake.
  • Non irradiated .
  • Non GMO .

Use Provita Xaffron

  •  To help with relaxation , mental and physical balance .
  • Natural alternative for the prevention of mood disorders related to depression.
  • Diminishes tension, stress, anxiety,depression, anger and tiredness .
  • Increases vigor and positive mood .
  • Improves sleep quality  .